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Monday, March 7, 2011

What A Weekend

My Grandson Jack celebrated his seventh birthday on friday. Instead of his standard birthday party with all of his classmates, aunts, uncles and grandparents...his Mom and Dad took him to Disneyland for the weekend. The most exciting part for him was that his cousin Jacob got to join them. Jack thinks his cousin Jacob is the coolest human being on earth so this was HUGE. At first they were going to take Merrill but the more we talked about it we realized the trip would be pretty hard on a one year old so she stayed back with me and Gramma Wanda.

Everyone one had mixed feelings about it. Jack cried a bit when he realized his sister wouldnt be going along but we knew it was better for everyone if she stayed home. Well she showed them!!.  While her family was a couple hundred miles to the south she decided it was time to start WALKING!

It sounds like Jack and Jacob had an amazingly good time . Merrill has been hangin on tight to her Mom every since they returned. and I understand she showed them her new moves today as well. She's a walker- there's no stopping her now.  I'm so glad everyone had such a special weekend

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Grandboys on the Blog

My Grandson Jacob started blogging. so now both Grandsons are writing. I shouldn't be anymore but I'm always surprised by how bright they are. Sometimes its almost scary to think of how much they know now and what's in store for their life. Time really does whiz by- This photo was taken of me and Jacob in front of the Ferris Wheel at Toys r Us in New York-   and now he's 10 and BLOGGING!!!

Keep writing boys!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Book

Some of you know that I started writing a book on leadership awhile back.  I was inspired to work on it the other day and when I pulled it up on my computer realized I didn't write a single word in 2010.- a surprise to me-I knew there was a gap but I would have guessed it was more like six months.So as the cliche goes time flies.

I got a lot of stuff done in 2010 just nothing that moved my book project forward. I choose to believe I was preparing to find my groove.   The good news is I am now totally engaged in the project and committed to making serious progress each week.  2011 is the year it will be finished! Feel free to hold me accountable......this is absolutely going to a matter of fact I heading back to work on the next chapter right now!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ready to Go - KInd Of

So after an afternoon at Roeding Park Playland with Jack on Saturday I ended up with a nasty sore throat and very little voice.....Irritating under any circumstances but I'm less than 24 hours away from my flight to Manila so its an extra lousy time to have bug. I went to Kaiser today and was actually able to see my primary Dr on short notice. She went ahead and cultured my throat but said it looks like it a virus. I intend to wake up tomorrow feeling much better but either way she gave me the okay to travel. After all the postponements for this trip I am finally going!! What's little sore throat - I'll sleep on the long flight across the ocean and all will be well.

I can't believe I wont be here for election night or to watch  the SF Giants in the World Series. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up a little of both via the Internet.I walked the precincts, worked the phones,  mailed my absentee ballot and reminded everyone I know to vote.....not much left for me to do but hope our work paid off. and  I'm sure the Giants wont miss me. (just win this thing guys!)

Ted and Mariah came over tonight and made tomato and roasted pepper soup. It was exactly what my throat needed and so good to have them here with Jacob for the evening
Jack and Merrill were here for awhile as well so I was able to get a good dose of grandkids to hold me over for my trip.  I tried to get a picture of the 3 of them together but Merrill was pretty squirmy.


I'm very hopeful for the success of this mission. By next week the clinic will be fully operational and ready to serve the patients of Plaridel. In my heart I knew when I left last summer I would be back- so lets roll! 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Medical Mission # 2

I leave Tuesday evening for the Philippines.  The last people I met before leaving San Carlos last July were Sister Niceta and Sister Pinky. I felt an immediate connection to them and have been working with them by phone and email the last year to help them open a new clinic in Plaridel ,in the province of Bulacan.. I'm excited to meet up with my teammates and continue the good work of Team MacGyver (our Biomeds) and Team Balut (Clinical Team # 1).
Sister Pinky and Sister Niceta in San Carlos

 I relied on this blog quite a bit last year to communicate and I hope to do the same this trip...though I admit to being much more of a Facebook user than I was a year ago (isn't everybody?) My goal will be to use both this trip -plus many of you have probably seen our Bridge of Life Facebook page as well. So....the internet permitting , and sometimes that's a big "if"  in typhoon season, I will keep all of you posted on my progress.